Hacker Breached Cybersecurity and Stole 57million records

Uber was hacked about a year back. The hacker stole records of 57 million customers and drivers. According to Uber, no PSI (personally sensitive information) of users were exposed.

Hacker got PSI of Uber drivers

But the Uber drivers were not that fortunate. Their driver-license and other related information were exposed. To most of us, cybersecurity breakdown of companies are becoming common events. Moreover, delay in acknowledging the security breakdown and underreporting the number of people affected from it are not unusual (although people are dismayed). Because, this how typically most of the companies reduce the adverse reaction from the customers.

Hacker was paid $100,000

But what is very strange in Uber’s case is that the company paid $100,000 (should we call it ransom) to the hacker for deleting the hacked data and keeping his silence. The question the cyberspace experts are asking: how do Uber know that the hacker has not kept any data and will not make more money selling in them in the dark web.

I will keep watching statements from my credit card statements more closely than I do. I think those who used Uber in the past they should do the same.


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