CIA triad quiz

Three information security attributes  — Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability — are known as CIA triad. Take this simple10 question quiz to evaluate your understanding  of CIA triad.


Question #1: Confidentiality: Information confidentiality and information privacy are same. True or false?

Question #2: Integrity: I had a report on information security in the text file format. I converted the report from text format to pdf format, and deleted the text file. Has integrity of information been preserved? Select the best answer.

Integrity of information has been maintained.

Question #3: Availability and Confidentiality: Your health care provider was keeping ‘electronic medical record’ (EMR), but they were not remotely available to his patients. Recently, he changed his policy and allowed his patients to remotely view their EMRs. New policy will increase availability of information.

Question #4: Confidentiality: To maintain information confidentiality, access to information is made as needed basis. Suppose, a doctor’s office wants to allow his patients to view their EMRs (electronic medical records) remotely from their home computers, laptops, and smart phones. His EMR server can be set to one of the following three modes. Select the mode that provides the best confidentiality.

Question #5: Availability: From my phone I transferred photos in my laptop. And, then I deleted them from my cell phone. Select the best answer.

Availability of information has not changed.

Question #6: CIA: Confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information are three attributes for information security. Each of these three requirements can be improved without affecting others. True or false.

Sorry, when you increase confidentiality of information,  its accessibility  will be lower, and  it may not  increase or decrease protection for integrity. Similarly, when you increase accessibility of information,  its   confidentiality will be lower, and  it may not  increase or decrease protection for integrity.

Question #7: Confidentiality: Suppose you are making an online purchase and want to pay for it with your credit card. What is the best way to preserve confidentiality of your credit card information?

Question #8: Integrity and confidentiality: Students records in a university can be grouped into three categories. Prospective students who have been admitted, but have not enrolled yet. Students who are currently enrolled. And those who enrolled in the past, but they are not currently enrolled. Managing information integrity and confidentiality the best option is to,

Question #9: Availability and integrity: Information availability policy dictates from where who can access information in which format. An entity wants to increase availability without compromising integrity of information. Select the best method.

? text document.Question #10: Integrity: Select the best answer. You prepared a report and sending it to your supervisor for her feedback. Select from the list below the file format that has the highest potential for preserving integrity.