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Lokesh Ramamoorthi

Beware of IRS/Tax Scams, Phishing and Malware

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Every New year starts with joys and hope. We hope to get new things. And think about money we will need for them. One source of money is tax refund. Most of us get some EXTRA cash from refund! With that hope of getting refund, we gather all necessary documents for filing tax return.  These documents come from  employer, banks, mutual funds, and so on. They have our PII (personally identifiable information) and PSI (sensitive financial information). Those who are there for IRS/Tax scams, they want them too.

IRS/Tax Scam artists are active in the cyberspace

Guess, in the New Year, who are more active  than us! Malicious cyber-criminals, who are creating tax scams with phishing  methods that have sophisticated and intricate social engineering techniques. They want to steal PII and PSI for getting money from us. They will use phishing, malwares, spyware, keylogger and many other creative tools. The big question to ask: Is my cybersecurity fences are up-to-date for protecting me from phishing, malwares, spyware, and  keylogger so that malicious actors cannot get my PII and PSI?


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IRS/Tax scams are common in cyberspace.

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